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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 1, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> the news begins anew on "studio b." in box one, the plot to bomb the new york city subway system. the feds langeing al qaeda terrorist to what officials call the most dangerous plot since 9/11. the connections to florida. >> the manhunt continues for the 11th person accused of spying for russia and most of the other suspects set to appear in court. >> box number 3, show me the money it says here. lebron james, and biggest stars, now free to decide which teams will get their services next season but it's bigger than basketball. why some players could make your city a lot richer. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00, another heartbreaking milestone on day 73 of the disaster in the gulf of mexico. according to the high end
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government estimates, more than 140 million gallons of toxic crude poured no the gulf making it the worst oil spill in history. we're told it still may not be fixed until sometime in august, if by then. a live look at the about bottom of the gulf. as many as 2 1/2 million gallons a day spew through the wellhead. bp reports it has captured roughly half that number. at the same time there are several other big developments of the first the world's largest oil skimming tanker is on the scene, called the whale. we're told it can scoop up tens of millions of gallons of oil fouled water each day but alex and remnants caused a setback, weather threatening to push more oil onto shore. the national incident commander
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thad allen, spoke to that. >> our onshore and near shore skimming and recovery operations has been significantly hampered by the weather. the small vessels have a difficult time operating and we had to pull them back. same with the vessels in and around the well site itself. the drilling precipitation -- prigs were able to continue but we're moving back out. >> the independence day weekend is upon up and it's typically booming. instead the beaches are empty. rick, tell us about the tourist situation. >> reporter: on a normal thursday before the july 4th july 4th weekend a light rain would drive beachgoers for safety but there's no one on the beach and a lot of beaches nearby in large part because of the oil. some you can see, some you can't.
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the sand is embedded with oil and near the water's edge, you can see the soupy, brown, rust-colored red. it's in the water, under the water, in the sand, it's everywhere. obviously having a major impact on the tourism industry. we talked to a marina owner and normally they're lined up. now she barely has a lunch crowd. >> we're down 80%. only thing surviving is the deli, 20% of our business. we can't survive on that. >> reporter: no fishermen either. >> shepard: i don't see cleanup workers either. are they there? >> we saw them this morning. they showed up out here, about 60 or 80. they suited up, took their time and a few started doing work and then a supervisor on the radio was told there was a storm cloud
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coming as they took the suits off and cleared out. it hasn't been raining most of the day. it's raining a little bit now, but we're out here and i don't see why workers can't clean this stuff up. >> shepard: rick leventhal on fourchon beach. thank you very much. the hurricane that disrupted efforts to contain the oil is a tropical storm raising concerns about tornadoes. the national weather service downgraded alex this morning but look at the water it left behind. that's mexico, just across the border. forecasters say there's winds of 50 miles an hour but it's expected to weaken as it moves inland. rick reichmuth is live in the extreme weather center. what do we know? >> i want to put this into perspective because we expect and active season and you say we haven't had a storm until now. the strongest june hurricane since 1966, the first since 1995.
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only 11 hurricanes happened in may or june. we have started off a strong season. the latest satellite shows it pulled inland. that's good news but you see the mountains, that's going to be the end of this storm. 50 miles an hour, next advisory will be down. by the morning, just a tropical depression. a lot of moisture in the area. >> folks in south texas avoiding the worst but now tornadoes. >> tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. tonight in southern texas, corpus are christy to brownsville. a lot of tropical moisture is left and the cold front dived from the north and will keep the band of showers along the gulf, towards houston, parts of south texas all weekend long. we'll talk about more flooding from the moisture still is in the area. >> shepard: rick reichmuth, thank you. president obama reports our immigration system is broken. as broken as our borders. he says more must be done to fix it. those points came in a speech at
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the american university in d.c. just before arizona's controversial law takes effect requiring police officers to ask about a person's immigration status if there's reason to suspect the person is in the country illegal. president obama says change cannot happen without bipartisan support. >> without bipartisan support, as we had just a few years ago, we cannot solve this problem. reform that brings accountability to your immigration cannot pass without republican votes. >> shepard: republicans say the president needs to do more to physically secure the border first. >> the border is not secure and the fact that you have more boots on the ground, by that, border patrol agents, than we ever had before doesn't mean enough. >> shepard: enough protection would be thousands more national guard troops at the border. steve, what was the president trying to accomplish with the
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speech today? >> reporter: you have to keep in mind this is an election year and he's playing to one of his chief components of his consents and putting pressure on republicans to pass the legislation. all this as this arizona immigration law is about to become law at the end of the month. the president called that law misguided and today says it sprang up in lieu of a coordinated or effective national immigration strategy. >> this breech, states like arizona decided to take matters in a their own hands. given the level of frustration across the country, this is understandable. but it is also ill-conceived. >> reporter: the president made no mention of the fact at his direction, the justice department is planning to file suit against the arizona law and
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that could come at any time. >> any chance republicans will come onboard? doesn't look like this. >> not at this point but he's trying to pressure them to let them know hispanic votes are at stake and they have to come onboard. but they think about border security should come first, then look at comprehensive legislation. john mccain, who sported comprehensive legislation during the bush years is firmly against it and his spokesman put out a statement. once again, president obama's statement on immigration lacks details or proposals, instead it was full of rhetoric blaming republicans for a lack of will by his administration and democratic leaders in congress. mccain suggesting the president go down to the border and see for himself and wants 6,000 national guard troops on the border, not the 1200 the president's sending. >> shepard: steve, thank you. fox urgent.
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are breaking details about the suspected you russian secret agents accused of living and working among us and trying to infiltrate policy making circles. officials warn a judge some of the suspects are flight risks and should not be on bail. the evidence is overwhelming and we only heard a fraction. there's word -- more than word. we got a report from the feds one of them talked and we've -- and he admitted he'd been lying about his name. in addition, the feds say they have seized $10,000 in brand-new $100 bills from a new jersey safe deposit box which was rented by the spy suspects. again, that's breaking in the last couple minutes. we're getting more details and will bring them to you in a live report. >> such officials tying a top level al qaeda operative to the
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bombing attempt in the new york subways. brand-new details. why our next guest calls this part of the -- the third wave of al qaeda. that's when "studio b" continues in just 90 seconds. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster...
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u.s. counterterrorism officials linked this man to the plot. the feds consider him a top al qaeda operate sieve and the f.b.i. has been looking for him since 2003 and put up a $5 million reward for capture. he med with him in 2008. counterterrorism agents say he and two friend got weapons training. a year later investigators rested za. >> i and. >> richard mentor is with us, author of the book losing bin laden. good to see you, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> i'm trying to figure out how big a deal this is and why we haven't caught this guy. >> the guy at the center of this, adnan shukrijumah, has been alluding intelligence not just in the u.s., but in mexico,
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the u.s. thought he was going to try to sneak across to carry out and attack. mexicans couldn't find him. he was spotted in el salvador. he's always in the caribbean or southern areas an there are reports tracked to find this guy. he seems to be able to put together his own network of homegrown terrorists. >> go ahead. >> oh, so yeah, he's able to put together a network which is -- after 2005 we saw major changes in the structure of al qaeda. the war veterans of the afghan years are largely killed and captured. this new generation, people who are cooked on it through the internet, much younger, less training, and often don't receive money from al qaeda central. they get direction and encouragement. they're harder to track because they can literally be anywhere
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and because they tend to be u.s. citizens or european citizens. >> why do you call them a third wave of al qaeda? >> that's a term that's come up. the first wave were the people who went in afghanistan in 1979, hardcore islamists. then the second wave are people who recruited in the 1990, largely fought in bosnia and attacks against americans. the third is the current homegrown people who don't have a lot of training or money. often they've had other careers, like the doctors in britain or classic third wave. they were doing other things before they became terrorists. >> shepard: you know, since this attempted attack on the subways, changes have been made, new security has been installed. >> that's right. the nypd put in radiation detectors. anyone watching who has gotten radiation treatment in the hospital will be given a note, pulled aside.
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they have to explain why they're radioactive. so the monitors are that good. the fear was after 2002 there would be a radioactive bomb out of radioactive waste detonated in the subway. they've instituted other procedures so they're carefully patrolled and watched. >> shepard: you can walk in station and station and not see anybody. does it make sense somebody hasn't going to a state nearby new york to pick up a gun and blast a bunch of people away? if they want to, why haven't they? >> i wouldn't want to give them ideas. >> shepard: you don't need to be a brain surgeon to know you can go to a store and buy a gun. >> that's true. there have been similar plots stopped. there was a plot to gun down people in a movie theater in the midwest a couple years ago. fortunately they've been stopped
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so far. a good thing about the third wave terrorists is they're not as trained and sophisticated so when police get a tip, they're easy to catch. >> shepard: richard, great to see you, thank you. >> he's one of the first name people like kobe bryant and michael, magic and larry, lebron. the two-time nba, mvp, about to make himself and a city happy. where will the newly minted free agent land? our next guest has a prediction that may surprise you. that's next.
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>> shepard: when the clock struck midnight nba teams and the cities took a deep breath and time was here to lure players from a once in a
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generation free agent class. here's why you should care. some of the players will provide cities with a one-man stimulus package. stars like lebron james, dwyane wade, chris bosch are free to talk with teams and decide where they would like to play. the teams have been clearing payrolls for years to dangle big time contracts in front of these stars. of course the new york knicks and brooklyn nets, the chicago team, miami, just about everybody would like to get into this. lebron would make, compared to the average american, not which you go endorsements which will headache that pale in comparison. everything depends on lebron james, the best player in the league. where he decides it to go will affect where everyone else goes. there's a problem. lebron can only play one mace
3:21 pm
and since so many franchises hope to get him his decision will leave some cities big losers. paul forster from sports do you have a prediction? >> i think he's leaning toward state in cleveland. >> shepard: really? >> i think he's, one, the team was not as bad as it looked in the playoffs. they won 127 games in two years? they did not finish. >> exactly. >> shepard: and they looked like idiots at the end, like a team that never played together. >> they took their cue from lebron. >> he's a bumbling idiot? i wouldn't call him that but he did not play to his capabilities. >> shepard: it hooked like they weren't trying. that concerned me as a fan. >> it's confusing as to why he put in such a lackluster effort. there are rumors he didn't get along with the coach, who is
3:22 pm
gone. thoughts he's tired of cleveland. we'll find that out. >> shepard: is the heat next in line? if so, why? >> could be. they're in the mix. dwyane wade has been trying to recruit him and chris bosch to the keam. pat riley is in the front office making suggestions he would be willing to come back and coach that team. talk the heat will make plays to lebron saying championships are won with teams with three superstars. >> doesn't he want to be in the town with jay-z? >> the problem is. >> shepard: i want him in town with him. >> they're very respected veteran guy is leaving in july to pursue other opportunities, perhaps. the other problem is they're not going to be in brooklyn and new york for another two years. >> shepard: a couple of years and -- whatever. it's going to be great in about
3:23 pm
balloon brooklyn and lebron james would be welcome to the second burrow like nobody. the other team, the knicks fans are going come on, please. >> they've been making the case for a couple of years, stripping contracts that aye zi i can't thomas and others put in there. they have enough for two maximum free agents. but the cupboard is bare so if he came, he has to bring chris bosch and, are you ready to compete for a title? if he wants to be king of new york and be on the stage media wise, it would work. >> a lot of good athletes. i don't know if he would be king right away. we've got a championship team from last year. >> that's the other thing cleveland has going for them is he knows the area, the culture,
3:24 pm
he knows what leaving would do to the culture. new york, if they didn't get him, it would be a blow but they would go on. the knicks would get somebody. >> shepard: chicago, quickly before we go, the bulls got a shot? i don't know why they wouldn't. >> a great shot. you can make the case they have the best shot with derrick rose. they plays to cassbury and he's -- it's a team that he loved growing up, a michael jordan fan. >> shepard: he doesn't play there anymore, lebron. >> true, he does not. but it's a possibility. from a basketball standpoint it might be the smartest move if he wants to compete with a young cast. >> shepard: smarter would be knicks or net. >> perhaps. >> good to see you. thank you for coming. just out of pakistan, while we were talking, at least 18 people are reported dead and dozens injured after a series of bomb blasts at a religious shrine in
3:25 pm
the city of lahore. a religious city in the eastern part of the country. here are the latest pictures i'm told of the scene off pakistani television. we believe at least two suicide bombers attacked the shrine and police found a grenade nearby. you can see the walking wounded being treated by medics. we'll bring you more on this and new video from our affiliated agencies overseas. >> this case is not closed. police investigating former vice president al gore over claims he groped a massage therapist. the question is why he waited three years, he tried to get a million dollars from the national in-- she. she waited three years, tried to get a million dollars from the "national enquirer." his name is being dragged through the mud, tv and newspapers. coming up, the gore family respond and why this is making news more than three years after
3:26 pm
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help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ activia >> shepard: it is day 73 of our national disaster in the gulf of mexico and the man in charge of overseeing the government's response, the national incident commander, admiral thad allen wrapped up a briefing with robert gibbs, he retired from
3:29 pm
the coast guard yesterday, about to meet with the president and joins us from the front of the white house. congratulations on your retirement and thanks for being here. >> glad to be here. >> quite a retirement, leaving you in the middle of the biggest ecological disaster in history. what are you going to tell the president? >> well i think the discussions this afternoon will center on the current operations down there. carol brown, secretary napolitano and the vice president visited in the last week to get a sense what's going on post hurricane and get an overall sense on containment options. >> shepard: the hurricane was a problem, especially in that the booms were overtopped by the waves during this process. how much worse are things now than a few days ago? >> i think there's a little bit of each. we have potential for the oil being driven inland with the storm surge. we could have it in marshes or
3:30 pm
beaches. in otheron the other hand it kip and disperses the slick. we have to get surveillance units up, which we're doing right now, in the air and shore assessment teams to look. we're amassing our forces. >> a couple of locals from the gulf south, one from alabama and one from mississippi, have done flying over the gulf and have flown out for miles and miles and miles to document and the pictures, i don't know if you have seen them, but they're startling, looking as if it covers most of the gulf. do you have a sense we're going to be out of this in the next two years, three years, five years? is the water cleanable? >> well, the big problem worry dealing with is we don't have a spill we saw during the exxon valdez. this is a new spill regenerated every day. the wind and current make it go different directions.
3:31 pm
we have a indeterminate omnidirectional threat holding the gulf as risk all the way to florida. since the spill is aggregated into hundreds of thousands of patches of oil it places a premium on dis aggregating our forces to attack it where we can and it changed the complex not only of the threat but the response and we have been adapting in that regard. >> shepard: we're warned from time to time the well, the replacement well, set to be finished in august, may or may not do the trick. if the pipe itself, the well itself is broken below the floor of gulf, there's a possibility it won't work. is it there a backup plan and if so, what is it? >> first of all, this is a very precise operation. many of the things being done on the sea bed around the wellhead have never been done at 5,000 feet.
3:32 pm
drilling a relief well is something that's standard practice in industry whether it's a blow the water or on land. so it's not a new technology. obviously the distances are greater. they're in process of choosing in on the well bore using a electromagnetic device. they'll continue to close in over the next several weeks. they're within 15 to 20 feet of the bore and they'll chose it so they know they're at the right place. we've start drilling a second well and it's in excess of 6,000 feet below the sea bed? if the first well is breached below the floor of the gulf, this might not work. is that accurate? what would the back upplan be? >> you might be referring to the status of the well casing below the wellhead, above where we're trying to intercept it. that's a source of concern ever since we did the top kill and weren't able to keep the
3:33 pm
pressure on the mud. what we need to do is understand this intercept will go well below the problem with the well bore, the plates further up, 1 or 2,000 feet below the wellhead on the sea noor. the goal would be once the bore is penetrated, to pump med in and that would be pushed upward by hydrocarbons and fill the well bore. to the extent there may be a compromise, we'll go out with mud at that point but what you want is the entire column to be filled with mud and thousands and thousands of feet to counter act the pressure. >> thank you for dng that. you have to meet with the president. thanks for coming by. >> new information about the russian spies. the feds moved in and we're
3:34 pm
seeing some of the evidence. it looked wishy-washy a couple days ago. not so much anymore. i have an urgent from pakistan. the death toll is hire now. we'll have an update right afteo this. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. onglyza has not been studied with insulin. using onglyza with medicines such as sulfonylureas may cause low blood sugar. some symptoms of low blood sugar are shaking,
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3:38 pm
against former vice president al gore. as we've reported, a massage therapist is accusing the former vice president of groping her at a hotel in portland in 2006. the accuser called him a sick man and other things that i'm not going to read. police say they closed the case because there wasn't any evidence. there wasn't any evidence. but it's not clear why they're reopening it now. today a gore spokesman released a statement >> shepard: worth noting the former vice president and wife tipper announced last month they're separating after 40 years of merrimack. with us, judge andrew napolitano, our senior eligible analyst and host of freedom
3:39 pm
watch on "fox business" network. >> i will tell you from my own experience in this end of the world, that the police are very suspicious, prosecutors are very suspicious of a complaint of this nature, of this magnitude, filed three years after the alleged event. >> shepard: if they were in your courtroom -- she didn't go to the cops at the time. instead she charged the hotel for the massage. didn't say anything to anybody. after that she talks about civil litigation but never goes there. after asked "the national enquirer" for a million-dollar for her story and more than thee years later, allegations against a rich, powerful man. >> she alleges six different sexual assaults in the hotel room in a two-hour period. as a result of none of which did she simply open the door and leave. >> shepard: none did she report. >> none did she report. she did report something about
3:40 pm
three months afterwards. as a result of the interview, nothing took place. three years she comes back, after consulting a lawyer, having done what you said she did, and reads to the police a single-spaced 20-page report she and her lawyer drafted, elegantly written with all the right language in which she makes allegations not of rape or sexual activity but inappropriate touching, some of which is hugging, some involves kissing, some involves hurling her on a couch and get on top of her. during all of which she tells him no, stop, i don't want anymore of this. if they were my courtroom i would be suspicious of it's truthfulness and believe ability because it took so long. but, shep, the threshold is low. if the police put her before a grand jury and they believe her, they will probably indict him and you'll have a trial as
3:41 pm
sensational as the o.j. trials because of who he is. i don't know if he'll be indicted. >> shepard: she asked the "national enquirer" for a million dollars. >> that assaults her credibility. he's not been interviewed. the police thought so little of her allegations they didn't go to al gore and ask him his version. >> shepard: all right. i guess anybody who has any contact one-on-one with any rich or famous person can say anything they want. >> this will be a she said, he said and other -- by the way, she has no forensic evidence to back it up. physical items of evidence to sub stannate her claim there. thank you. >> new developments in the search for a suspect who gunned down two florida cops. police say this man is a person of interest in three other murders. details are next. day, nothing tastes as great as a juy flame-grilled cheeseburger on a delicious bun. and when you get it all at walmart's guaranteed unbeatable prices --
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>> shepard: 15 minutes before the hour now and new details on the suspected russian spice arrested in the united states this week. federal investigators reveal some of the evidence, you've seen sketches from court. some of the evidence includes we've just learned a stack of hundred dollar bills. 10,000 bucks found in a safe deposit box. at least one suspect is talking. as we mentioned earlier, the justice department asked the judge to keep them behind bars without bail. david lee miller, we've had new information in the last hour. >> most of the new information is coming from this document. this is a nine-page letter released a few moments ago by the u.s. attorney office, sent to the judge, who will hold a detention hearing in 15 minutes. at the hearing will be four of the accused spies. the only one who won't be there a anna chapman who has a hearing
3:46 pm
monday. she was denied bail. let's talk about the contents of the letter. what inspired it, a pretrolley services report suggested release of the defendants may be appropriate because of what is described as their community connections. the u.s. attorney says these individuals should not be released, they're not trustworthy, there's a very great flight risk. the u.s. attorney says the criminal complaint we've heard so much about only contains a small fraction of the evidence. examples of the evidence left out, one of the defendants waved his rights and admitted that wasn't his trow name and he loved his son but valued his loyalty to the service more than his child. we'll be one of those appearing before the judge. >> shepard: its my understanding two suspects already had a hearing. what happened there? >> two defendants were in court
3:47 pm
in boston. a man using the name donald heath field and tracy lee ann foley. those are not their real names. that detention hearing has been postponed in july 16th. the attorney for heathfield says the evidence is very thin and the only thing his client was able to infiltrate were neighborhood cocktails parties and the ptasm. the prosecutors contend they're russian spies, trying to trade in u.s. secrets and they pose a serious flight risk. >> shepard: david lee miller in new york city. thank you. a live look on the corner of wall and broad. the dow off a little bit. still concerns about world economies, mortgage rates at the lowest level in a month of sundays. since fluff was a kitten and he's long since buried. neil cavuto with context andnnoa perspective.out your saf stay tuned.
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>> shepard: developing now, more americans are on the job hunt after an unexpected rise if jobless claims last week. the number of people filing for the first time went up 13,000. the experts predicted a drop. as long as the numbers stay in the 4 hundreds they consider it a does couraging sign the economy is struggling. >> also, hundreds of police officers in florida are searching for a man accused of killing two police officers during a traffic stop over the week. we're learning he's wanted in three other murders and the search is expanding. tim gaughan is in the newsroom with details. three more murders? >> three more murder. that information came out this morning during a daily briefing with the tampa police department. during the q and a the sheriff
3:52 pm
was asked about other murder and it came out dante morris alleged accused of killing the two police officers may have been wanted in three other murders. there's a lot of information breaking. tampa police confirm they're expanding the search to deval county, which covers jacksonville in the wake of credible information, asking citizens to come forward. we've been working with waws in jacksonville and tvt in tampa and they say a man was taken into custody but that person is not related to morris or the case but a lot of conflicting reports. jane caster is the tampa police chief and says morris is accused of killing the two police officers. he's a person of interest in two other homicide cases and suspect in a third case. he's a suspect in the killing of the police officers. he's been named a person of interest in two other homicidal
3:53 pm
cases which happened in april. the chief declined to release details because she does not want to get into the way of the investigation and jeopardize it. she said all the victims were targeted and morris should be considered a serial killer. the manhunt is intensifying and we expect a press conference. >> tim gaughan, thanks a lot. >> first fox news special, john stossel asks what's great about america. lots great about america. >> that's a lot to talk about but one of the things is that people here are unusually charitable. you wouldn't know that if you listen to bono. saying america's so cheap, all we give is the crumbs off our table. nonsense. we give more than anyone. america gives less in foreign aid as a percentage of our economy but that's the government. americans are unique in giving
3:54 pm
more and giving the way charity should be given, by individuals, not governments. also americans are more likely to take in needy kids as this couple went to haiti to do. >> when children are in need, americans are most likely to take them in. tim and jennifer peerson made countless trips to haiti with their daughters, trying to adopt two boys. government bureaucrats made it hard. >> every day i showed at the embassy with our paper warning. >> it was two years before they were able to get the kids on a plane to florida. >> it's been probably the wildest week of my life. >> americans adopt more needy kids and orphans from overseas than all the people in the rest of the world's countries combined. tim's happy to have sons who call him poppy. >> poppy! >> such charity is rarely seen in other countries. >> this idea of compassion and
3:55 pm
stretching to earthquake victims in haiti or famine victims in rwanda is a wide compass of compassion. >> americans give twice as much income to charities as canadians and ten times more than french people. charity is just part of what we'll cover in my first special it weekend, fourth of july. you can see it at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 on the west coast. two chances to check it out saturday and sunday nights. >> shepard: on the "fox business" network. >> no, on your regular big deal fox network. my first. i get the big audience. >> i can't wait to see it. the dvr is set. >> alcohol can get a lot of folks in trouble but has it led to anyone to push the price of global oil and loss millions of dollars in process? yes. we'll show you coming up.
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>> shepard: a live look on capitol hill. the body of senator robert byrd. that's the front of the united states capitol where the senator's body lie in repose, now taken to west virginia for
3:59 pm
burial. senator robert byrd. passed away just days ago. and then this before we wrap it up. there are a lot of things you shouldn't do when you're drunk, like get behind the wheel or call your ex. now you canned a trade oil future to the list as if that were necessary. britain's financial regulator fined and banned a broker for manipulating oil prices during a brink drinking bing. receive perkins bought 7 million barrels of crude, equal to $108,000. he lost millions in the process. don't swim drunk either. on fourth of july weekend, spiked watmelon can do that to you. i'm hoping for some of that, poss


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